Can hypnosis really help me?

Absolutely.  It is the only modality that is designed from the outset to work with your unconscious mind, which is where all behavior originates. If you’re motivated, if you really want change, hypnosis is the fastest way to get it.

Can I be Hypnotized Against My Will?

Hypnosis is an interactive experience, very much like dancing. The hypnotist leads, and the client follows. It is a useful tool that clients can choose to help with whatever issues they need to address. When there is proper rapport, a person’s conscious and unconscious mind will be more open to positive suggestions for change.

Can I be Made to do Criminal or Anti-social Acts in Hypnosis?

A hypnotized person maintains their usual moral values and would never do anything he/she would not do when they are not hypnotized.

Can I get “Stuck” in Hypnosis?

You can’t get “stuck” in hypnosis. What keeps a person in hypnosis is the hypnotist’s constant dialog. If the hypnotist stops talking the client will do one of two things: 1) They will emerge from hypnosis, curious to see why the session stopped. Or 2) they will be so relaxed they will just fall off to sleep and take a nap from which they will wake up naturally as if from a nap.

Do Repeated Hypnotic Inductions Weaken the Mind?

Quite to the contrary, repeated inductions strengthen your resolve to achieve your goals, release your fears and/or discomforts.

Does hypnosis always work?

I wish it did. It largely depends on the motivation of the client. Hypnosis won’t work against your will. If you don’t really want change change won’t come.

Does Hypnosis Weaken the Will?

A person can not succumb to any suggestion contrary to their goals and wishes made by the hypnotist because they remain in total control.

How do we get started?

I look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me at (866) 512-6246. Feel free to call me with any other questions you may have about how I can help you. Just call for a *free* 10-minute phone consultation.

How long are your sessions?

My sessions are usually an hour to an hour and a quarter. At times, shorter or longer sessions may be needed. I like to honor your time commitments and those of people following you.

How long does someone have to do hypnotherapy?

There's no formula for predicting the actual number of visits. I have seen clients get their desired change in a single session, but that's the exception.  Normally, 4 - 6 sessions will suffice.  I also have clients who enjoy the experience so much that they just keep coming.  It all depends.

How often do we meet?

I usually recommend that we meet once a week, but specific cases may require more focused attention.

Is Hypnosis Habit-forming?

This technique is not habit-forming. It is highly successful and can be deeply relaxing which encourages people to do self hypnosis. It is just another tool for self-help to use when and if you choose.  It is no more habit-forming than, say, taking a nap or practicing meditation.

Is it true that only weak-minded people can be hypnotized?

You must be of at least average intelligence to be hypnotized. You must have the ability to imagine and concentrate. The very fact that a client is looking for another tool to help themselves with an issue and willing to do the work they have to do indicates the strength of mind needed.

So what is hypnosis, really?

Hypnosis is an everyday occurrence for virtually everybody. It’s a state of mind and body characterized by an acute focus and a heightened state of suggestibility. When your body/mind is in that state the hypnotist gives suggestions and/or tells stories to the unconscious mind. These suggestions are the basis of the desired change.

Will I be Under Your Control?

Hypnotic subjects remain in total control and will never do in the hypnotic state anything they would not do in his usual state of consciousness.

Will I do crazy things like clucking like a chicken?

Stage hypnosis exists for the entertainment of the audience. Participants for the show willingly volunteer and they give explicit permission to the hypnotist to hypnotize them for the purpose of doing something entertaining. That has nothing to do with the use of hypnosis in a therapeutic setting. Hypnotherapy exists to realize the client’s goals, to release limiting beliefs and decisions, negative habits, fear and physical discomfort.

Will I Lose Consciousness?

A person in hypnosis is in an altered state of consciousness. You are fully aware of what is going on and not in a sleep state.

Will I Reveal all my Deepest Darkest Secrets?

A person will never reveal anything that they don’t want to reveal because they are in total control at all times and totally responsible for their actions.  Hypnosis is not truth serum and is not mind control.


How do we get started?

I look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me at (866) 512-6246. Feel free to call me with any other questions you may have about how I can help you. Just call for a *free* 10-minute phone consultation.

What does “CH” mean?

I am a Consulting Hypnotherapist at the Master Level. I’m a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. I also hold a Master certifications in NLP and Time Line(tm) Therapy.


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