We’re off to be the Wizard…

Okay.  It’s Sunday January 18th.  I’m over the shock of having been laid off from my day job, effective last Friday.  So far over it, in fact, that I’m viewing it as a life-changing opportunity.  I had been thinking, in a moderately “someday” kind of fashion that “one day” I’d quit the day job and establish a robust, enjoyable and profitable Hypnotherapy-cum-Coaching business.

Well, that “someday” is now.  Lord knows, I have the training for it.  I took my first hypnosis course a couple of years ago.  In 2007 I took NLP Practitioner training, Time Line Therapy™ training, and Hypnotherapy training.  Last year I took Master NLP Training, Master Time Line Therapy™ training and Master Hypnotherapy training.  I have so many certificates I don’t know what color my office wall is.  Additionally, I got a county business license, established my LLC and still sat around waiting for “someday.”

Well, the Fates are funny, I think.  When I look at it objectively, there is nothing happening here that wasn’t already in my timeline.  Being laid off from my day job is really an acceleration of my future, neither an abrupt change nor a derailment.  Profitability is the next step, and after that abundance.

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