Waking Hypnosis

I stated on my FAQ page that hypnosis is an ordinary, commonplace occurrence for people.  We go in and out of hypnosis all day long.  There’s no “formal induction” to take us there.  We just “go there” on our own.  Countless examples abound in everyday life.  For example, “Highway hypnosis.”  You’re driving down a long stretch of open highway and suddenly you become aware that you’re miles further along than you thought — usually as you come up to your desired offramp (and sometimes as you pass it).   “Did I pass my exit?”  “Where do I get off?”  These are questions that often rattle around inside the head of a driver who is just emerging from a highway trance.

Another example happens in an elevator.  People get in, turn and face the numbers.  They track the numbers as they move from one floor to another.  Suddenly the door opens and there’s a second’s hesitation as the trance ends.  People fidget trying to figure out if this is their floor.  They should know, after all, they’ve been watching the numbers!

It’s a given that hypnotists use this technique routinely.  A hypnotist in the clinical arena leverages this form of hypnosis for therapeutic effect.  He or she will begin talking to a client using a particular tone of voice and gently begin to weave suggestions for change in with the more obvious commands for relaxation.

Other less obvious forms of waking hypnosis abound.  Remember that hypnosis is nothing more than the bypass of the critical factor (your conscious mind’s judging ability) and the establishment of suggestibility.  A doctor creates hypnosis in a patient by virtue of his medical authority.  That white coat uniform of the doctor is the agent of critical factor bypass and his/her words are the hypnotic suggestions.  Thus, all a doctor has to do is declare the wellness or illness of the patient and the patient will respond according to the words.  That’s why it is essential for doctors to be precise in their pre-surgical language.  A surgeon who says, “You’ll probably be all right” has significantly lowered the prospect of a successful recovery compared to one who say, “You’re going to be fine.”

Dentists bask in same sun as doctors.  Their very authority bypasses the critical factor of their patients such that they need to be phenomenally careful with their language.  Just the mention of word p-a-i-n will suggestively increase the pain response in the patient.

Parental authority likewise gives adults hypnotic power over their kids.  Again, bear in mind that this doesn’t mean automatic compliance on the part of the children.  It just means heightened suggestibility.

Waking hypnosis is the tool of choice for politicians and con men, advertisers and teachers, church and military.  Where there is authority, expertise, consensus, hypnosis is right around the corner.  If you’re not using waking hypnosis, someone is using waking hypnosis on you.

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