What is EFT?

Small EftEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a body tapping technique that stimulates places in the body that have been historically identified by acupuncture.  It is a form of “acupressure” in that the specified points are stimulated (by tapping) but without needles. EFT is based upon the meridian system used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.  Each meridian is channel for life-force energy called “Qi” (or “chi) to flow throughout the body.  The meridians must remain open (allowing the Qi to flow) so that the body stays healthy. Trauma (either physical or emotional) can cause the meridians to get blocked.  Blocked meridians are the cause of negative thoughts, pain, and troubled thinking. EFT eliminates those negative feelings through the use of a tapping process on certain key points of the body.  Interestingly, the points are not necessarily where one feels a particular pain.  The technique is remarkably easy to learn.  You can do it on yourself quite effectively in a matter of minutes. I will be posting a video here very soon.

If you prefer to read about it rather than watch a video, you can go here for my online EFT manual. I also have a little EFT cheat sheet that is available when you enter  your email address in the little box on the right. You will be amazed at what EFT can do for you.  Honestly, it is the most powerful and effect healing technique I know.  It works when nothing else will come close.  Whether you suffer from phobias, fear of public speaking, chronic pain, or generalized anxiety, or the effects of stress, EFT will make the difference for you.  If all that weren’t good enough, there are NO adverse side-effects.  EFT is safe, easy, and effective.

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