I speak on a variety of topics for all ages. Make sure to contact me with your organization’s specific needs:

1. You Can’t Go Forward with Your Foot on the Brake

We all feel the need to make changes in our lives from time to time. Yet when it comes right down to it, change is hard. We are so used to our “comfort zone.” Allan identifies the elements of identifying your own comfort zone, and then what you can do “enlarge” it.  When we make the “uncomfortable comfortable” we can change effortlessly.  Learn how to get unstuck, relieve stress, and get more done in less time.

2. Seeds of Harvest, Harvest of Results

Why is it that we are stuck with the results in our current lives? What do we have to do that’s different so we can see more and better things in the future? Join Allan as he shows how the results we have today are the product of seeds planted years ago. Learn how to dig the weeds out of your garden and produce abundance in your life.

3. Take Your Foot off the Brake: Weight Management Made Easy

The American obsession with food is achieving astronomical proportions. And we are being seduced by food as surely as we have been seduced by sports and by pornography. Join Allan as he shows you how to identify your weak spots (things you know you need to change) and then make the difference in your own life effortlessly and easily.