My offerings include speaking engagements for personal transformation, ranging from 20-minute keynotes to two-day seminars to multi-week programs, and I speak on a variety of topics for all ages. For corporate and non-profit workshops, please contact me directly.

For people who want special work, I also see clients privately.


1. Your Future Your Way

Did you know that you need not be a victim of the passage of time? Many people do not have a clue how to create the life they want. What they don’t understand is that the key to building a future lies exactly where they refuse to look. Join Allan for this two-day event that will surprise you, delight you, and empower you.

2. What a Pain!!

People who suffer chronic pain often feel exhausted and ready to give up.  They are ready to resign themselves to lives of misery. Imagine how cool it would be to be able to take control of your body the way you think it has taken control of you! This two-day seminar is a must for people in pain.


3. Take Your Foot Off the Brake: Weight Management Made Easy

This is the six-week follow-up course to the keynote presentation of the same name. Join Allan in a dynamic small group format that shows you the way to fly down the highway of life, as you achieve your ideal weight.