Is Stress Freaking You Out?

Claim Your Excellence - Eliminate StressAre you ready to tear your hair out?

Are you going to scream?

Are you losing control?

Are you afraid you’ll lose it altogether?

Stress is at the root of your health problems.  It’s at the root of your relationship problems.  Stress is at the root of your financial problems.

It is a fact of life. When you’re stressed your heart begins to pound, you feel the cables of muscles tighten in your neck and shoulders; your stomach tightens up.  You’re a mess.

Pretty soon, you’re reaching for cigarettes or comfort food (maybe both), and these compound your troubles by adding  significant health concerns to your troubled psyche.

How are you going to let it go?

If you can’t pull yourself off the ceiling and get to a relaxed state, stress will do you in. The physical changes in your body (your increased heart rate, your higher blood pressure, and your stomach and muscle tension) will take their toll, and can often lead to exhaustion, both mental and physical, and illness.

There is hope.  While it’s true that only sometimes can the things that cause our stress be changed, it is also true that we can all learn how to cope with our reaction to the stress.

I specialize in helping people deal with stress.  I look forward to helping you.

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