Ojai Has a New Answer for Your Weight Loss

Claim Your Excellence - Weight LossWhen you are overweight (blunt people will use the word “fat”) , you don’t need to be told to do something about it.  Your clothes don’t fit the way you’d like.  You can’t keep up with your kids.  You get out of breath going up a flight of stairs or even grocery shopping.

You know full well that you didn’t put those extra pounds on overnight, and so you’re probably feeling guilty and a little disappointed in yourself for letting yourself go.  And with your sigh of disappointment comes a little excuse for having done so.

Yet for all the hard things you have to put up with, some part of you believes that you deserve a bowl of ice cream or an extra helping of french fries.

Claim Your Excellence - Lose WeightSo there you are torn between the “shoulds” and the “wannas”.  You know you should eat salad, but you wanna eat pizza.  You know you “should” have iced tea, but you “wanna” have a milk shake.  You know you should have a small breast of chicken, but that pasta special looks SOOO tempting.

It’s not your fault.

The compounding factors of daily stress, media bombarding you with quick-fix solutions, and the easy access to fast food have conspired against you.

Furthermore, the media continually slams you with images of super-skinny models and actresses who are touted as the feminine ideal with the message that unless you look like them you might as well give up.

There is hope…

Clients begin to shed countless pounds and get in control of their weight loss in a matter of days once the secret is made known to them.  It’s not magic, but it might as well may be.

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