Private Sessions

Initial Consultation

During the Initial Consultation we perform a full intake interview.  At this time we will cover your full history including any medical and/or psychological treatments. Note: If your condition is either medical or psychological, we must have a written authorization from your treating physician before we will do any work with you.  We both want to be assured that you have sought out all available medical and psychological benefits before we begin our clinical relationship.  Further, we want to be able to work with you on your first visit. Please call us in advance to obtain the necessary forms to be signed by your medical or psychological practitioner. Cost is $175.00 for the Initial Consultation.  Initial consultations usually run about an hour and a half.

Regular Visit

In every Regular Visit we begin with conversation about the current state of the issues in and around your presenting problem.  From our point of view, we have found that most problems (including chronic physical matters) have a significant emotional component. Once that is addressed, everything else begins to move and the rest takes care of itself. A normal visit consists of counseling supplemented with Emotional Freedom Technique and Hypnosis. We make no pre-judgments about what will be needed to assist you. We simply feel your needs as they arise in the moment and address them. The cost of a Regular Visit is $150.00.

All visits run approximately one hour depending on the session.

All services are along the lines of Pastoral Counseling. Allan is an ordained minister and works with interfaith groups. Allan is not trained in medicine or psychology, nor does he hold any degrees in those fields or any related fields. He does not hold himself out to the public as a healer or counselor other than being a minister who believes that all “healing” is an “inside job.” (See more here on the California Disclaimer page.) In short, this means that all healing takes place within the person who needs improvement and balancing in their life. It can only be done from the inside out – with the help and assistance of God. See more about that on my About page.