All of my workshops are carefully planned to make the most of your company’s time.

Stress Management Workshop

You are freaking out.  Someone tells you, “Just relax!” And you want to punch them! Sure, It’s easy to say, but it’s not so easy to do! Ever wish you had a user’s manual on how to stay in control of your life?  In our interactive workshop you will learn how your mind affects your body from a bio-mechanical perspective.  Then you will learn how to use tools & techniques to access the controls through understanding. Learn More…

Corporate Workshops for Employees

Anyone in business knows the detrimental effects of stress on performance. These can include accelerated heart beat, vasoconstriction, hyperventilation, mental confusion and more… Learn More…

Corporate Workshops for Medical Personnel

Working with those who are ill on an everyday basis, although extremely rewarding, can also be emotionally draining…   Learn More…

No More Smoking Workshops in your Area

Smoking is a self-medicating habit used to reduce stress.  Although the deep breath of a “drag” does relax the body, the toxins that are absorbed with it are lethal, contributing to a host of lung and heart related ailments.  The real culprit is stress.  Smoking is just a symptom…  Learn More..