Corporate Workshops for Employees

Corporate Seminars and Workshops

Anyone in business knows the detrimental effects of stress on performance. These can include accelerated heart beat, vaso-constriction, hyperventilation, mental confusion and more.  To alleviate the physical symptoms, people often turn to cigarettes, alcohol, prescription drugs, nail biting, overeating or other compulsive behaviors which simply add to the stress.  Understanding and learning to control and use the power of the mind properly is the only real solution.  This is how hypnosis works, as all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Claim Your Excellence, LLC is now offering corporate seminars and workshops to help employees:

  1. Understand and reduce stress through self hypnosis
  2. Manage more effectively
  3. Create more sales
  4. Communicate more effectively
  5. Develop more confidence
  6. Increase productivity
  7. Achieve corporate and personal goals


Your company can choose from the following basic formats or they can be altered to accommodate the specific needs of your company:

  1. A one day class divided into three 2-hour workshops
  2. A 2-hour workshop scheduled each week for 3 weeks
  3. A 2-hour workshop on a specific topic


The cost per 2-hour workshop module is $500 plus traveling and lodging expenses for long distance workshops. Corporation provides the meeting space.