Smoking Cessation

An interactive workshop to
Manage Stress and Break Free of the Habit of Smoking!

This powerful workshop addresses both the smoking habit and the cause.  Smoking is a self-medicating habit used to reduce stress.  Although the deep breath of a “drag” does relax the body, the toxins that are absorbed with it are lethal, contributing to a host of lung and heart related ailments.  The real culprit is stress.  Smoking is just a symptom. Through an understanding of the mechanics of the mind/body connection an individual can access the inner controls and begin to actively program positive behavior through relaxation techniques and positive suggestion.  Understand how to control the stress and the need to smoke drops off…    Topics covered include:

  • An short overview of hypnosis
  • An explanation of the mind/body mechanics
  • Worksheets to identify stress level and smoking cues.
  • Tools and techniques for stress control, including proper breathing and self-hypnosis
  • A hypnotic session for progressive relaxation & ego-strengthening.
  • The mechanics of creative visualization to remove old associations and create new ones.
  • Reinforcement CD of hypnotic session to anchor suggestions and begin the process of being a non-smoker.

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