Stress Management Workshop

Mind/Body Mechanics & Stress
“How to Remain Calm Amidst the Chaos”

You are freaking out.  Someone tells you, “Just relax!” And you want to punch them! Sure, It’s easy to say, but it’s not so easy to do! Ever wish you had a user’s manual on how to stay in control of your life?  In our interactive workshop you will learn how your mind affects your body from a bio-mechanical perspective.  Then you will learn how to use tools & techniques to access the controls through understanding.

Change your mind…change your life!

Topics include:

  • The Bio-mechanics of “Stress”The “Fight/Flight” Response…what triggers it & how to turn it off…fast!
  • Tools to de-fuse Stressproper breathing  ~   thought-changing  ~   self-hypnosis
  • Creative Visualizationthe mechanics of positive thinking…what it is & why it works!

The session will end with a group hypnosis of progressive relaxation & positive suggestion for stress management…15 minutes of hypnosis feels like a 3-hour nap… very relaxing…!

Hypnotic CDs will be available for purchase at end of workshop.