Workshops for Medical Personnel


Working with those who are ill on an everyday basis, although extremely rewarding, can also be emotionally draining.  Self-medicating habits, such as over-eating or smoking, can create major health concerns.  Feelings of powerlessness can create depression and anxiety.  Claim Your Excellence, LLC can help by introducing tools for the healthcare professional to learn to recognize their own symptoms of stress and deal with them in constructive ways. This knowledge can then be used help relieve the stress of those they are treating, thus adding to the quality of care.

Workshops are now being offered to the Medical Community in the areas of:

  1. Stress Management
  2. Patient Care / Calming the fear through the use of Progressive Relaxation and NLP
  3. Smoking Cessation
  4. Weight Loss


Your hospital/medical office can choose from the following basic formats or they can be altered to accommodate your specific needs.

  1. A 2-hour workshop scheduled each week for 3 weeks
  2. A 2-hour workshop on a specific topic
  3. An all day workshop with 3 two-hour workshops.

For information on arranging a corporate seminar, contact us today.

Fee upon request.