Stuck in MudHave you ever been stuck in a rut
and didn’t know there is a way out that is available NOW?
I would love, absolutely adore, to hear you
describe the dream life you didn’t know
you could achieve!

 The Answers are Inside

I believe that in order to deal effectively with all the external symptoms of any problem whether physical,  emotional, or behavioral, you have to go inside and be willing to explore your inner world.  When you are suffering the path to recovery can take you in many directions: to doctors, to therapists, to counselors, or priests.  It all depends on the where you choose to go.

A friend of mine who had dealt with cancer told me that her doctor had said, “I have done my job.  Now it’s up to you to heal yourself.” Ultimately, all your healing is up to you.  It’s an “inside job.” My purpose is to aid you in uncovering and healing your emotional wounds.

My goal for you is an inner peace unlike anything you ever imagined possible. Imagine what it will be like when all your wounds are healed and you can feel health, peace, and love rising spontaneously from within.

Call now (805) 242-8279 or send an email to allan@claimyourexcellence.com to schedule an appointment and receive 10% off your first visit!

What People Are Saying About Our Work

I have to tell you… I started out so skeptical, but one hour with you did more for me than the therapists I’ve seen over the past 12 years.  — Ellen R.

You helped me and my partner Patrick SO much.  We tell everyone we see about how you were so great.  I thought all was lost, but you helped us find a way. — Lisa P.

I didn’t believe my friend when she told me to come you see you for the pain in my knee.  What you showed me how to do was truly amazing.  Whenever my knee flares up, I use what you taught me. –Kathy B.

We met at The Oaks in Ojai when you presented a fascinating lecture. Tapping is definitely helping my migraines. — Gloria L.

I just had to call and tell you that you changed my life.  I have always heard that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  You came at just the right moment.  I have used what you showed me on my husband and he’s a believer, too.  Thanks so much. — Jane R.

I am writing to tell you that after years of night frights, my daughter is sleeping soundly on a regular basis.  It’s like a miracle.  — Stephanie K.