Darlene works as a nurse in a hospital. Her workload is heavy. The hours are long. The career is demanding.

Darlene had a number of stress-related illnesses and behaviors (including excess weight, smoking, and panic attacks). Some going back to the time before she was a nurse. The demands of the profession gave her little opportunity to improve because she was always moving from one crisis to another.

She’s been on medication most of her life — much of it to overcome the side-effects of the primary meds.

She came to me out of desperation. Hypnosis was the “end of the line”. She had tried all forms of therapy in prior years. And she was ready to give up, and she figured, “What the heck!”

To her surprise (and somewhat against her “better” judgement), she found that she loved hypnosis.

Over a series of sessions, she made changes that have dramatically altered her life. She’s stopped her panic attacks; she has lost so much weight that her colleagues ask her what she did to lose it (and of course she tells them); and has taken control of her career in new and surprising ways. (She’s not ready to quit smoking yet, but she knows that’s the next step.)

She has a whole new outlook on the world. She is able to stand firm with an in-control attitude for the first time in her life.

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