Your Fears are Robbing You of Life!

 Claim Your Excellence - Fear PhobiaIs Fear Running Your Life?

If it is, fears are also robbing you of many of the joys of life.

How much time do you spend having to cope with objects of your phobias?  Do you fear spiders? Snakes?  Maybe you dread the thought of getting on an airplane?

What about speaking in front of a crowd?

Do you die a little inside every time you have to face a spider or the thought of a corporate presentation or climbing up a ladder? Is that kind of fear something you want to teach your children?

How bad is it for you? Do you shriek? Or maybe break out in a sweat, feeling your heart beginning to gallop?  Have you ever actually fainted dead away because of it?

The good news is that you don’t have to do that any longer.  You just never learned the trick to making all those feelings go away.  (I’m not talking about pretending that they aren’t there.)  You can actually dissolve the feelings of fear and learn to enjoy things in their fullness.

Imagine how wonderful it will be when you can get on a plane effortlessly and start your vacation or business trip in a relaxed frame of mind.  How good will it feel to approach a podium and speak with confidence?  What a hero you will be to your kids when you can deal with that spider on your own.

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